When children connect positively with the natural world and use it as a guide in their life, wonderful transformation occurs within and, and as a result, a more caring adult is created. Encouraging youngsters to regard Mother Earth with wonder and respect makes up a core element of ‘The Nature of Me’ – a collection of inspiring verse for youngsters. As part of a progressive genre of children’s books, poet Jaany’s soul-nourishing poems speak to the heart and mind of every child, providing nurturing messages of self-worth and purpose that are an essential tool, building a healthy sense of self-esteem.

In our busy, modern world where so many young souls can feel disconnected from nature, Jaany’s uplifting and affirming words provide support, gently guiding each child’s imagination through a spirit-enriching journey as they visit an Ancient Tree, acknowledge My Heart Is a Flower, see that The Earth Is My Friend, gaze up with wonder at Moon Smile and are led to a place of calm; In My Garden, where they feel secure, relaxed and ready to drift off into a good night’s sleep. ‘The Nature of Me’ is rightly regarded as a vital element to healthy mind, body, soul development for young children, everywhere.

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Story Poem Descriptions:

The Nature of Me – Assists your child to awaken and establish their senses, and expand their concept of themselves by encouraging their curiosity.

The Ancient Tree – Highlighting the mysterious symbiosis between humans and trees, animating connectedness and introducing the concept of sanctuary.

The Earth is my Friend – This imagination builder diverts a child’s tendency to isolate by conjuring nature internally, unifying child and surroundings.

Sun Sparkle – Tip-toeing over the colossal power and beauty of our sun while delicately aligning the child’s perception of themselves with its magnificence.

Elements – By aligning the child with the elemental root of their constitution, this walk in the woods leaves a deep imprint of self-respect and regard for nature.

My Heart is a Flower – Lighting up the delicate power of the heart familiarises the young with the joys of giving and receiving

Moon Smile – A night-time journey around a moonlit sky helps children integrate the magnitude of their surroundings and allay fear of the dark by removing separation, while keeping the mystery.

In My Garden – Relax your child ready for bed by connecting them with the simplicity of the nature that surrounds them