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about Jaany

Jaany is a heart warrior and a soul poet who accesses deeper levels of consciousness to imbibe her work from the Great Spirit.

Writing for children and adults, her grounding work evokes inner beauty and brings the power of the soul into daily life, stabilising readers in their own foundation and opening up the flowers of the heart.

Jaany advocates the well-being of children by helping them to realise the power of nature, giving them a solid foundation within themselves so they can grow into clear, balanced adults amidst our challenging world.

‘The Nature of Me’ is a sweet enchanting collection of story poems. It was inspired by her own childhood and the beautiful mountains of Andalusia in Spain where she loves to live.

Her work is based on the insights and experience of the intrinsic connect between all of nature.

Jaany is also a health chef, natural health consultant, course facilitator and co-founder of Wellness Warriors.

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