The Nature of Me is a collection of positive and enchanting story poems for children of all ages

Jaany writes to strengthen each child’s sense of belonging by embracing and guiding them lightly towards their own true nature

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Eight Enchanting Story Poems

The Nature of Me
An upbeat melody of sitars enhances this opening poem where listeners are introduced to Jaany’s interactive world of the senses. Breath, sight, sound and imagination are awakened and engaged. Curiosity, playfulness and wonder are encouraged as children joyfully explore the concept of themselves. Welcome, everybody, to the Nature of Me!

The Ancient Tree
Our journey begins as the sound of seabirds guide our path over a hill to a wise old tree. The long-established symbiosis between humans and trees inspires wonder and respect, while introducing the idea of blissful sanctuary beneath the spreading, protective boughs.

The Earth is my Friend
An infectious tribal beat beckons us into this imagination-expanding poem where each child learns of their physiological connection to the Earth and their associated birthright, supporting and reassuring them as they grow to view themselves, and others, as valuable elements of a unified natural world. One of the most powerfully-affirming verses that a child can retain within them, as they begin their life journey.

Sun Sparkle
The laughter of children playing outdoors in the sunshine accompanies the listener as we feel a sense of awe at the colossal power and beauty of our sun. We are led to understand its significance to our own health and well-being, as well as that of our planet. This poem inspires a child to perceive their own warm, shining spirit in delicate alignment to the brilliance and radiance of the magnificent sun.

The joyful notes of a recorder and harp capture the brimming wonder a child feels on recognising that the elements making up our known world are not only found without, but within their own bodies, too. An educational and, quite literally, grounding verse that curious-minded youngsters will relish, while swaying to the rhythm of a drum.

My Heart is a Flower
One of the most inspirational of Jaany’s verses, this beautiful piece encapsulates the joy of giving and receiving. Plucked strings echo the sweet notes of a young heart, opening up to share its abundant power of light and love with others.

Moon Smile
Children will love immersing themselves into Moon Smile! As we take a night-time trip across a moonlit sky we are joined by the sounds of frogs, crickets and an owl. Gazing up in wonder we spot celestial marvels; the bright moon, shooting stars and the immensity of space. A tranquil poem of inward reflection that allays fear of the dark by removing the idea of separation and setting a calming tone to introduce the final verse of the imaginative adventure that is The Nature of Me.

In My Garden
We explore colourful flowerbeds visited by bees that hum busily. Birds flit from tree to tree in this, our magical retreat. The simple, uplifting beauty of nature surrounds and envelops us while an enchanting piano melody calms a child’s mind to prepare them for rest. As the sun sets, this special imaginary refuge takes on a deeply relaxing aspect as the lively activities of daytime drift away. As the pace and volume decrease, a place of deep calm is established where the child is softly and naturally drawn towards sleep. “In my dreams is where it will keep”, until their next visit to this wondrous place of inspiration and restorative rest.